Sermon Series

The bread of life shared during our weekly services.


After This

on 28th November 2020 by Pastor Tim Hamner Sr

Just as Job received information that took him by surprise, he maintained his belief in the one who could change the situation. After This season that we are in now, things will be different.

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Five Core Values | Diet

on 21st November 2020 by Pastor Tim Hamner Sr

The law is our schoolmaster to provide instructions in righteousness. The bible provides various diets to mankind. We provide a survey on what the diets were and to whom they were given.

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The Choice Is Yours

on 14th November 2020 by Pastor Tim Hamner Sr

Some decisions are harder to make than other decisions. What should I wear to work today? When should I speak with management about my promotion. Who is the right one to marry for the happy ever after? Where will I spend eternity? The Choice is Yours.

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Thy Kingdom Come

on 7th November 2020 by Pastor Tim Hamner Sr

Some argue that our “country has been divided since August 1619 when the first slave ships dropped anchor in the muddy shores of Jamestown, Virginia.” Where are the peacemakers? Who will provide comfort to those who mourn? Our creator has provided answers to these questions, Thy Kingdom Come will share solutions to our concerns.

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