Yahweh’s House of God Oakland California

Elect and Election

Elect and election is another of the obvious teachings of the Bible. The question or discussion is then not whether the Bible teaches the doctrine of elect and election but rather that of how we define these tenants. There are those who define and teach it as Godís election of certain people to be saved and others to be damned. They also whole to the idea, it is only by grace that the elect are saved and not by choice or of works. Thus God out of his sovereign wisdom and grace predestined some to salvation and others to damnation. We whole and believe that God created man as a free agent. We believe and teach that God has chosen those who will conform to his will, not those whom he has genetically engineered to obey him. So then it is through the righteous use of our free-will we strive to make our calling and election sure. (2Pet. 1:10)

The Family of God

It is the theologians and great religious thinkers of the past and present to whom we owe the mainstream religious views of predestination and foreknowledge. I am neither scholar nor author, and it is with this understanding that my argument concerning elect and election is framed. When discussing Godís Sovereignty there are those who speak of what God can and cannot do. I for one however, feel more comfortable when I speak of what God has revealed to us through the power of the Holy Spirit. That is, what he has done, how he did it, what he is doing and what he will do. The subject of election speaks to the very purpose and reason for life it self. I contend that God has always desired a family. (Gen. 1:26 & 27) In order to accomplish this God through his foreknowledge devised a predetermined plan by which he would raise a family to himself. (Acts 2:23) So even before the foundation of the world God planned our adoption into his family through the sacrifice of his son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. (Eph. 1:4) God desired a family that would reflect his holiness. (1 Pet. 1:15 & 16) Know too, the human experience is the process God is using to create this Holy Family; elect of God. (Rom. 8:29 - 33)

The Church Chosen of God

The human experience as we know it is the birthing process for the family of God. Life draws purpose and meaning from the fact that God desired a family. Let me further explain. God devised a method by which he could test his creation; thus in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Earth then became the proving ground for higher beings, i.e. those who desire to be a part of Godís Holy Family. The process was design by God out of his foreknowledge. From the foundation of the world God determined whosoever would believe on his son would become children of the Most High. Thus those that are in Christ were chosen from the beginning of the world. (Eph. 1:4-6) God did not predetermine or predestine who would be in Christ but rather yet that those who would choose Christ would be predestine to inherit life eternal. (Jon. 3:14 - 19) That is to say, the fate and destiny of the Church is secured throughout eternity by the blood of Jesus. (Mat. 16:18) Although those who choose to reject Christ and are none of his shall perish, it is not Godís desire that any should perish. (1 Tim. 2:4; Pet. 3:9) Election is a sovereign decree of God, and his elect is anyone who will open up and let him into their heart. (Rev. 3:17 ñ 22)

The Elect of God

The elect of God are those who have answered the knock at the door, have faithfully kept the commandments of God, and have now become the sons of God. (1Jon. 3:2) Godís elect have received the Spirit of Truth and are led by him. (Jon. 16:13; Rom. 8:14) They were not predetermined or predestined but of their own free-will chose God. (Jos. 24:15; Rev. 22:17) The elect know and hear the voice of their shepherd. (Jon. 10:25 & 26) False prophets have gone out and have deceived many, but the elect will not be deceived. (Matt. 24:24)

The call to holiness as the elect of God, through the election which is the church, is a high calling. (Phil. 3:14; Heb. 3:1) It is a straight and narrow walk. So much so that only a very few will find it. (Matt. 7:13 & 14) Only those who keep the Commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus will qualify. (Rev. 14:12) So we believe and teach others.