Yahweh’s House of God Oakland California

The Bible plainly teaches the second coming of Jesus. Jesus promised his disciples that he would come again. (John 14:1-3) The angels also promised that Jesus would return again. (Acts 1:10 & 11) Let us as saints not waver in our faith and hope of his return. Although others ridicule belittle and scoff (2Peter 3 & 4), we read and understand the signs of his coming and know that his time is not long. As believers in Christ we look to his second coming with great anticipation, expectation and preparation. Let us not be overly concerned with the hour and day of his return, (Mat. 24:36) rather yet let our focus be that of preparation. Although Christ anticipation was to return shortly let us heed the words of Paul unto Timothy (1Tim. 3:15 & 16). We then as believers look to the blessed hope of The Second Coming of Jesus as faithful stewards over his household, (Mat. 24:42-51) and teach others to do the same.