Benevolence Ministry

For ye have the poor with you always, and whensoever ye will ye may do them good.


Sharing our Gifts of Love

The needs that we face in the West Oakland area has surmounted the group of individuals that are willing and able to help. We are a small group of believers working to complete the mission that Christ has left for his people. We are working to feed, cloth, and to provide essential supplies to those in need.

Our goals is to provide the essentials to those who need it most in our community. We go out four times in a calendar year to share with those who need it most. Join us during these exciting times as we share what with our neighbors.

We make a living by what we do on our jobs; we empower a person by what we give from making our living.

We are looking for partners like you to help us with this effort. Click to share your love gift of any amount or sign up as a volunteer for our next event.




Helping our family, community and friends financial needs by providing sound instruction in this vital area. Financial freedom is the next frontier for our community.

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We are working to create and build an atmosphere for those who need a place of refuge from the challenging times that we live today. Help is to build a better community.

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We are looking for all of those who may be lost, confused, or have the feeling of being abandoned. We are sharing the love of Christ through the promotion of his good works.

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When you put coins into your mind, those around you will fill your pockets with coins. This simple phase from times past continues to ring true in our twenty-first century lives today.

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