ministries benevolence


The Benevolence Ministry is concerned with aiding members of the church and other community members who are experiencing financial hardships. The Board of Directors shall approve the level and method of aid. Some of the Areas included in the Benevolence Ministry are: Back Pack Project, School Kit Project, Cards and Donations for Sick & Shut In or Home-Goings.

ministries finance


Do you have a passion for money? Are you a certified public account or personal financial advisor who would like to donate some of their time to a worthy cause? Maybe your simply tired of people living from paycheck to paycheck and would like to offer solutions. The Financial Ministry is concerned with maintaining financial records and evaluating the financial condition of the church, and to prepare the Annual Budget. Some of the Areas included in the Finance Ministry are: Fundraising Efforts.

ministries physical


The Physical Ministry is conceded with obtaining and maintaining such building, equipment and supplies necessary for the church to effectively fulfill the ministry of Y’shua (Jesus). Some of the Areas included in the Physical Ministry are: Board of Directors, Interior Design, Purchasing Agents and Cleaning Crew.

ministries promotional


The Promotion Ministry is concerned with presenting the purposes and the needs of church to the general public and to other organization through printed material, personal contacts and other means. The Board of Directors shall approve methods of raising fund. Some of the Areas included in the Promotion Ministry are: Marketing, Outreach Program.

ministries training

Training & Development

Do you have a passion for instruction? Do you love to share your knowledge with those who may be less fortunate or trying to move ahead in an existing career? The Development & Training Ministry is concerned with preparing the church and community to be successful and productive individuals. Programs that allows individuals to live happy, thriving, healthy, and full lives. This Ministry include such programs as Yahogo Fitness, Public Speaking, and CPR classes.