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at even

At Even

Rarely does a book change ones outlook – indeed, one that does could be said to be very important. For those who dare to know the truth of how the bible uses the term “At Even” this is very important reading. Get your copy today.

Price $4.99

at even

The Image And Power Of The Dog

George McGee, in this book speaks to the heart of a generation that has grown up under the deception of the spirit of the image of the dog [Satan]. The writing is dynamic and filled with revelation knowledge that is destined to change up coming generations in JESUS NAME!

Price $12.99

at even

The Christian Passover

The Christian Passover is a unique and simplistic approach to understanding the Passover. It explores the journey from Egypt to Calvary, from the Paschal Lamb to the Lamb of God. This is an absolute must read for the Christian of any biblical background. Get your copy today.

Price $9.99

remember the sabbath

Remember the Sabbath

In this book you're going to discover some eye-opening truths about the relevance of the Sabbath in the Christian Church. Apostle Hamner also exposes the destructive influence of Theologians on this important issue. This is a must read for those that are interested in Saturday worship experiences.

Price $9.99



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