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The bible is full of well thought out things that we can meditate on to keep our minds in peace. The short articles below are a collection of life application musing that I have encountered during my Christian walk. Click on the topic or PDF icon to view article.

ARTICLES BY Apostle L C Hamner

Volume Subject WEB
Volume I Financial Freedom the Bible Way
Volume II God’s Plan for Better Health
Volume III Health and Well Being The Bibleway
Volume IV Religion and Spirituality
Volume V A Church “Gone Wild”
Volume VI The Path To Righteousness
Volume VII Feast of Unleavened Bread
Volume VIII How to Understand the Bible
Volume IX The Hour of Our Blessing!
Volume X The Bible Tells Me So!
Volume XI The Ole Land Mark!
Volume XII Is Your Church Bible Based?
Volume XIII The Harvest Celebration
Volume XIV Christmas Religious or Secular?
Volume XV An Appointment with God
Volume XVI Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit
Volume XVII The Old Testament God's Foundation for Truth
Volume XVIII Seven Reasons Why Christian should Celebrate Passover
Volume XIX The Last Supper Request
Volume XX Why Did God Say don’t - What’s wrong with it?
Volume XXI Halloween a Custom of the People?
Volume XXII Integrating Church into Everyday Life!
Volume XXIII Wake up Christian Church!
Volume XXIV Water from the Rock -- The Cup After Supper
Volume XXV Passover’s True Meaning
Volume XXVI Yahweh’s House of God Passover Guidelines